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Music Is My Religion


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Music Is Our Religion Too!

We really do love the music, perhaps even worship it. It doesn't matter what corner of the planet you live in (do flat-earthers love that phrase?), music surrounds us.

The music you hear on Constantine Radio is truly loved. It's not just "this is popular, let's share it!" Each and every track in the station library has memories tied to it.

"OMG This beat!" when you hear a knew one for the first time that really moves you.  Or the unexpected drop that hammers your skull. Or realizing your head is nodding to the rhythm...

There was a time I wasn't able to DJ. Life can be shitty, as we all know. So, I started Constantine Radio mostly for myself, to be honest.  So I could still get "the feels", in some way, from turning somebody on to a genre, a label, an artist, or a track they've never heard before. I love the instinctive outbursts of excitement from somebody falling in love with another title for the first time.

This station eats up a lot of my spare time and I'm more than happy to feed it. Every track is linked to sites where listeners can buy the music they hear, and some of these sites offer artist biographies and information on upcoming releases or bits of trivia or tour dates so you can see your favorites live in action.

There are DJs live mixing on Constantine Radio when the moment and spare time is right for them.  We will be trying to share advanced warning when we know ahead of time when a DJ plans to take the stream live.

Eventually I will have a calendar up on this site and we also use our Facebook page : to share news and events.

Yes, this site is still under construction and may be for some time, but I'll be getting the important stuff set up and clean up the construction mess afterwards.

Thank you for listening, and we love you.

Vinscent Constantine